Welcome to The Korean Society of Queensland


KSQLD will

always be with you.

Dear Koreans and residents of Australia, 

I hope 2023 brings your family good tidings.

As the 27th president, I will do my best to help you to lead a comfortable and happy life in Queensland.

Each of you is very precious to us. I will do my best to be helpful in times of need. We look forward to communicating more with Korean residents and sharing better information through the newly reorganized website of the Korean Society of Queensland.
These days, you can easily see the Korean Wave everywhere you go. The Korean Wave began with K-POP, and now it has spread to food, fashion, and culture. In addition, Korean films have recently won the Academy Awards several times, and young people worldwide have praised K-dramas on Netflix. 

Today, Korea is no longer just a tiny country in the Far East but a significant country leading the new generation of cultures worldwide. 
I ask you to help us promote the development of our Korean Society of Queensland with active participation and encouragement.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us should you need any help with settling in Queensland.

May this one be your best year yet.

1st January 2023

Hyoung Nam Kim, President of the Korean Society of Queensland